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Online Parts Listings : Electrical


Part CodeDescriptionPrice [GBP]Unit
P15/001Fuse Holder 1.26 Each
P15/010Altette Horn 265.00 Each
P15/011Horn Bracket 17.38 1
P15/012Horn Bracket (Early S7) 20.41 1~
P15/044A12 Volt Alternator Conversion 414.75 Each
P15/046Oil warning light 52.00 Each~
P15/047Ignition warning light 52.00 Each
P15/055S7 & S8 Headlamp bulb - original - 6 volt 17.64 Each
P15/055AS7 & S8 Headlamp bulb - original - 12 volt 17.64 Each
P15/055BS7 & S8 Headlamp bulb - halogen - 6 volt 17.64 Each~
P15/055CS7 & S8 Headlamp bulb - halogen - 12 volt 17.64 Each~
P15/066Speedo Bulb Holder 18.93 Each~
P15/082Wiring harness complete 43.20 Each~
P15/093Battery - 6 volt 41.95 Each~
P15/093A12 Volt Battery 41.95 Each~
P15/093BBattery acid pack 15.70 Pack~
P15/095C.V.C. unit - 6 volt or 12 Volt 68.04 1
P15/095AAlternator voltage rectifier 78.75 Each~
P15/152Stoplight switch with bracket 8.30 Each~
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