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Welcome to Stewart Engineering
image Established in 1960, specifically to develop and manufacture parts for the shaft drive Sunbeam S7 and S8 motorcycles (1946-1957), Stewart Engineering are the world's experts on these machines. With our huge stocks of spares, superb world wide mail order facility, 'over the counter' shop sales (by appointment only) and fully equipped workshops, we can cater for your every Sunbeam need.

For quick parts SEARCH go to - ONLINE CATALOGUE - and enter the part you are looking for (e.g. gasket).

Please note: Small items are shipped by Royal Mail, any large or urgent items will be shipped by Courier.

Opening Hours: Online Ordering is available 24 Hours a day. Please place your order using our online ordering and we will process it and send an invoice for payment.

Our office opening hours are Monday to Wednesday 9AM to 1PM UK time. (The telephone may not be answered outside of these hours). You can order online at any time or leave a message on our answerphone when the office is closed.

Email orders can be accepted but may take several days for us to process. Please use the online ordering system and leave a message if you need the parts urgently.

We are "Old-School" and are not on Facebook, Twitter or anything else.

Please note our email address
Please telephone: 0044 (0)1202 768220

Other services that we offer are: A full (free!!) technical advice service, manufacturing to pattern (or drawing) those hard to find 'one off' parts, issuing dating certificates, DVLA original registration number retention, etc. In fact, for everything connected with S7 and S8 'Beams we're the people. We are the major source of Sunbeam spare parts and every part is made by us or specially for us. We endeavour to keep the spares stock ample and as inexpensive as we can. Obviously items that are cast involving moulds, need intricate machining, or are low volume will come out more expensive than items that are simpler to manufacture. We are, however, satisfied that our prices are competitive with modern, current motorcycle parts... and in many cases...cheaper!
Our catalogue is only a guide to the large stock of parts that we hold, or are in the process of manufacturing.... it does not list all the parts we keep. If you can't see it in the catalogue contact us, we may be able to help! Like you, we are keen enthusiasts... any problems you have, please call us. (Details on how to do this can be found on our 'Contact Us Now' page).
You can purchase a 'hard' copy of the catalogue and don't forget our 'Sunbeam Owners Workshop Manual' - these are a must for every enthusiast to have for reference! To order them, go to plate 10 of our 'online' catalogue and look up numbers 42 and 42a.
Sunbeams S7 & S8
We very much look forward to hearing from you and hope that you enjoy perusing and regularly revisiting our secure interactive web site. Remember, here at Stewart Engineering we are dedicated solely to those superb Classic British Motorcycles, The S7 and S8 Sunbeams.
FOR SALE AND WANTED - Please log into the Bulletin Board to access this section. To advertise is free.

WANTED - Spare parts. We are always looking for spare parts or unfinished projects. Please contact us if you have any Sunbeam parts for sale. We will also purchase complete unrestored or original Sunbeams and any other unwanted old bikes/spares you may have.

WANTED - Sunbeams - We nearly always have a list of people looking to purchase a Sunbeam (in all types of condition). Please let us know if you are thinking of selling your bike and we will put you in touch.

SUNBEAM is our registered trademark and the Sunbeam logos are also registered trademarks and are not to be used without our permission.

For quick parts SEARCH go to - ONLINE CATALOGUE - and enter the part you are looking for (e.g. gasket).
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Sunbeam S7 S8
Sunbeam S7 S8
Sunbeam S7 S8
Sunbeam S7 S8
Sunbeam S7 S8
Sunbeam S7 S8
Sunbeam S7 S8 Sunbeam S7 S8 Sunbeam S7 S8 Sunbeam S7 S8 Sunbeam S7 S8
Sunbeam S7 S8 Sunbeam S7 S8
Sunbeam S7 S8
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