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Online Parts Listings : Frame & Fittings II


Part CodeDescriptionPrice [GBP]Unit
P4/001Footrest rubber 29.58 Each
P4/002Footrest spindle 60.01 Each
P4/003Footrest crank 63.01 Each
P4/003AFootrest crank bolt 2.37 Each~
P4/006Exhaust pipe stay 12.68 Each
P4/008Snubber nut 10.69 Each
P4/009Front frame brace bar 94.22 Each
P4/010Tank bracket bolt 13.39 Each
P4/011Tank rubber support washer 0.93 Each
P4/012Tank bracket rubber 5.63 Each
P4/013Tank rubber support washer 0.93 Each
P4/018Tank bracket bolt 3.10 Each
P4/019Tank bracket 33.90 Each
P4/023Head race cup 19.55 Each
P4/024Tank bracket bolt nut 1.84 Each
P4/025Tank support bracket 24.84 Each
P4/026Engine mounting bolt 2.37 Each
P4/029Top mounting friction plate 13.68 Each
P4/031Front engine mounting plate 21.45 Each
P4/032Front mounting insulating washer 4.49 Each
P4/033Front mounting rubber 21.17 Each
P4/034Front mounting cover 21.71 Each
P4/035Torque buffer nut 9.60 Each
P4/037Torque buffer 19.45 Each
P4/038Top mounting spacer 10.42 Each
P4/039Tank bracket 33.90 Each
P4/040Top mounting recessed washer 8.33 Each
P4/041Top mounting spring 12.88 Each
P4/042Snubber 24.31 Each
P4/043Washer 0.93 Each~
P4/044Washer 0.93 Each~
P4/045Shakeproof Washer 0.18 Each~
P4/046Nut 0.30 Each~
P4/047Split pin 0.08 Each
P4/050Rear engine mounting plate 21.45 Each
P4/052Brake shaft 50.01 Each
P4/053Rear brake spring 12.00 Each
P4/055Spacer tube 16.42 Each
P4/056Return spring collar 9.74 Each
P4/058Rear brake fulcrum 29.17 Each
P4/059Brake Stop Arm Nut 1.84 Each~
P4/060Washer 0.18 Each~
P4/061Rear brake stop arm 9.72 Each
P4/062Rear brake pedal 93.02 Each
P4/063Split pin 0.08 Each
P4/064Brake shackle 24.49 Each
P4/065Shackle pin 7.86 Each
P4/066Shackle locknut 0.65 Each
P4/068Top mounting self lock nut 0.39 Each
P4/069Frame through bolt eyed nut 23.81 Each
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