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Online Parts Listings : Front Forks [S7]


Part CodeDescriptionPrice [GBP]Unit
P5/001Bottom nearside legSold Out~
P5/002Top Bearing 16.47 Each
P5/003Circlip 2.79 Each
P5/004Fork oil seal 5.63 Each
P5/005Oil seal holder - chrome 35.00 Each
P5/005AOil seal holder - stainless 54.35 Each
P5/006Springs (solo) - pair 47.42 Pair
P5/006ASprings (sidecar) - pair 47.42 Pair
P5/007Shroud (unpainted)Sold Out Each
P5/008Shroud screw 0.39 Each
P5/009Lamp bracket nearside 123.12 1
P5/010Shaft bottom plug 44.98 Each
P5/011Bottom bearing 18.11 1
P5/012StanchionSold Out~
P5/013Lock washer 6.74 Each
P5/014Shaft hex nut 8.40 1
P5/015Washer 8.04 Each
P5/016Shaft round nut 15.16 1
P5/017Yoke clip bolt 5.35 1
P5/017AHandlebar bracket nut 11.66 1
P5/018Handlebar bracket bottom armSold Out Each
P5/020Handlebar bracket bolt 3.96 1
P5/021Handlebar bracket top cap 26.40 1
P5/022Steering stem sleeve 16.52 1
P5/023Stem sleeve cover 22.74 1
P5/024Yoke clip bolt nut 5.35 1
P5/025Fork top nut 19.44 1
P5/026S7 Top nut washer 10.37 1
P5/027Yoke pinch bolt 3.96 1
P5/028Chrome washer 1.20 1
P5/029Top yoke 70.20 1
P5/030Dust cap 11.47 1
P5/031Headrace top cone 16.89 1
P5/031ASteering Head Bearing Set 72.72 Set~
P5/031BSealed Ball race conversion kit 54.00 Set~
P5/032Headrace balls - set for top and bottom 5.13 Set
P5/033Headrace bottom cone 16.89 1
P5/034Lamp bracket offside 167.40 Each
P5/035Bottom yoke 103.68 1
P5/036Shroud (unpainted)Sold Out 1
P5/037Bottom leg offsideSold Out~
P5/038Drain screw 0.54 1
P5/039Fibre washer 0.16 1
P5/040Steering damper centre 9.98 1
P5/041Steering damper star washer 10.91 1
P5/042Steering damper bottom plate 14.46 Each
P5/043Steering damper friction disc 3.96 Each
P5/044Steering damper knob 24.51 1
P5/045Double spring washer 1.32 1
P5/046Spacer washer 0.09 Each
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