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Online Parts Listings : Gearbox


Part CodeDescriptionPrice [GBP]Unit
P2/001Gearchange return spring 5.47 Each
P2/002Bush 13.23 1~
P2/003Washer 0.07 Each~
P2/005Gearbox sideplate 69.20 Each
P2/008Gearbox side plate screw 8.27 Each
P2/008AGearbox sideplate screw (non original) 1.54 Each
P2/011Detent plunger carrier 4.18 Each
P2/014Detent plunger spring 8.81 Each
P2/015Detent plunger 20.64 Each
P2/016-22Speedo driving unit complete 51.93 Each
P2/017Speedo drive pinion (solo) 12.72 Each
P2/017ASpeedo drive pinion (sidecar) 12.72 Each
P2/018Speedo gasket 0.71 Each
P2/021Speedo driving unit bolt 0.66 Each
P2/023Oil filler cover 10.88 Each
P2/024Oil filler cap shouldered nut 5.71 Each
P2/026Oil filler cap gasket 0.71 Each
P2/027Oil filler stud 4.86 Each
P2/028Kickstart ratchet circlip- for end of shaft 2.52 Each
P2/028ARatchet circlip 2.85 Each
P2/029Ratchet (used part)Sold Out Each
P2/030Worm and bush (used part) 46.53 Each
P2/031Worm Bush 6.71 Each~
P2/032Spring 4.70 Each
P2/033Mainshaft bearing cup 35.72 Each
P2/034Thrust washer 4.57 Each
P2/035Mainshaft rear bearing 29.64 Each
P2/036Mainshaft 65.35 Each
P2/037Woodruff key 1.72 Each
P2/038Mainshaft 3rd speed gear 25.41 Each
P2/039Mainshaft oil seal 7.64 Each
P2/040Mainshaft front bearing 47.03 Each
P2/041Mainshaft 4th speed gear 25.41 Each
P2/042Oil trap 17.41 Each
P2/0455/16 Nut 0.29 Each
P2/046Tab washer + 2 nuts 3.56 Each~
P2/047Front Plate 51.45 Each
P2/048Gearbox front plate gasket 1.19 Each
P2/049Circlip 1.20 Each
P2/050Selector fork shaft 25.41 Each
P2/051Selector fork - straight 31.44 Each
P2/052Selector fork - cranked 31.44 Each
P2/053Front cover stud 5.66 Each
P2/055Bellhousing nut 6.30 Each
P2/057Inspection cover 28.58 Each
P2/058Inspection cover bolt 0.66 Each
P2/059Washer 0.07 Each~
P2/060Gear indicator tube 32.10 Each
P2/061Pedal shaft (Exchange item) 101.61 Each
P2/062Camplate pawl righthand 1.46 Each
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