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Online Parts Listings : Frame & Fittings I


Part CodeDescriptionPrice [GBP]Unit
P3/008Control box stiffener plate 20.85 Each
P3/010Split pin 0.08 Each
P3/011Control box lid screw 20.24 Each
P3/012Control Box 132.30 Each~
P3/012AControl Box Cable 6.32 Each~
P3/013Toolbox fixing bolt large washer 0.93 Each
P3/014Toolbox fixing bolt 2.12 Each
P3/015Toolbox complete with lid and screws 295.00 Each
P3/015AFibreglass toolbox complete with lid and screws 87.02 Each
P3/018Control box fixing spacer 4.95 Each
P3/020Toolbox lid only 24.95 Each
P3/020AToolbox lid chrome screw only 13.94 Each
P3/021Bridge piece 8.95 Each
P3/024Saddle stud washer 0.26 Each
P3/025S8 saddle support stud 5.04 Each
P3/027Split pin 0.08 Each
P3/028Battery box lid chrome screw 20.27 Each
P3/033Split pin 0.08 Each
P3/034Rear suspension top clamp bolt 23.24 Each
P3/035Top clamp bolt nut 10.11 Each
P3/036Plunger column 56.26 Each
P3/037Battery carrier rubber insert 1.90 Each
P3/038Battery carrier fixing screw 0.97 Each
P3/041Battery carrier 73.03 Each
P3/042Battery strap hinge piece 18.56 Each
P3/043Rubber insert 1.90 Each
P3/046Battery strap 29.17 Each
P3/047Rear suspension top cap 24.00 Each
P3/048Rear suspension top outer shroud 21.88 Each
P3/049Plunger spring collar - top 10.49 Each
P3/049AFelt sealing washer 1.46 Each~
P3/050Rear suspension top spring (each) 34.02 Each
P3/051Rear suspension top inner shroud - chromeSold Out NLA
P3/051ARear suspension top inner shroud 50.24 Each
P3/053Chromed domed nut 14.76 Each
P3/055Eyed pinch bolt 17.48 Each
P3/056 42.00 Each~
P3/057Lug clamp bolt 4.17 Each
P3/058Washer 0.18 Each~
P3/059-60Plunger retaining bolt and nut together 6.00 Each
P3/061Plunger sleeve with bushes 81.04 Each
P3/062Rear suspension bottom outer shroud 21.25 Each
P3/063Rear suspension bottom spring (each) 25.92 Each
P3/064Rebound spring collar - bottom 9.22 Each
P3/065Felt sealing washer 1.46 Each
P3/066Rear suspension bottom inner shroud - chromeSold Out NLA
P3/066ARear suspension bottom inner shroud 47.26 Each
P3/067Plunger column 61.27 Each
P3/068Bottom clamp bolt 4.17 Each
P3/070Nut 0.37 Each
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