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Telephone Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 9AM to 1PM UK time(Closed: Friday Saturday and Sunday).
Online Opening Hours: Online Ordering is available 24 Hours a day.
Wrtten replies are so time consuming for our technical consultant that he would be fully occupied all day just typing!
For this reason if you have any technical queries please telephone us on 0044 (0)1202 768220, Monday to Thursday, 10.00am to 1.00pm.

Over the years we have put together a large number of workshop instructions addressing various technical issues. Often, by referring to the relevant topic, many of the more common problems can be quickly solved. These Data and Service sheets have been reproduced in PDF format for easier access and to enable you to print them out for reference if required.

You will need to register and log into the Bulletin Board to access the technical sheets.

For ordering parts, please use our on line catalogue or telephone: 0044 (0)1202 768220.

For quick parts SEARCH go to - ONLINE CATALOGUE - and enter the part you are looking for (e.g. gasket).
We no longer restore complete bikes but we can service small items such as distributors and dynamos.

To view these documents you will need to have installed on your computer a PDF viewer. One can be obtained for free by clicking on the button below.
Viewing or printing this Technical Information is free, but access to this page does require registration.New members must register using the 'Register Now' option or existing members should log in via the Bulletin Board.
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